The gas condensing boiler is a high-performance boiler that is very economical in terms of energy consumption. It is a perfect solution to ensure a pleasant temperature in your interior and which, in addition, is affordable. Indeed, its installation allows benefiting from a tax credit of 30%. This ecological device is easy to install if we respect a few rules essential to the compliance of its installation.

Have a water heating circuit

To be able to install the condensing boiler quickly and easily, the proximity of a central heating circuit is essential. The hot water flowing through these pipes regularly supplies the radiators in your home. If these are low-temperature devices, they convey water from 25 to 50 °. This scenario is perfect for installing a gas boiler. Of course, there is no point in changing radiators in place if they are not low temperature.

Connect to the gas supply

Like the conventional boiler, the condensing boiler must be connected to a gas supply. It is carried out through the distribution network if your home is connected to it. The prices for this operation vary according to the importance of the work to be carried out. Also, note that this connection takes a little time to be completed. And the longer the connection (in meters), the longer the delay too. GRDF gives a waiting range of between 10 days and two months.

Another possibility of connecting your gas boiler is the installation of an individual cistern. This solution is possible if you are not connected to the distribution network. This cistern is connected to your interior by an underground pipe. The cables are small in diameter. This installation system is much more environmentally friendly than aerial installation. The latter is, on the other hand, faster and of course more economical too. It does indeed require little work. In both cases, you will be supplied with energy to cover your calorific needs: hot water, radiators, gas appliances … Finally, the installation of a cistern can be done on any type of ground!

Install near an exterior wall

A tip for installing your gas condensing boiler is to intelligently choose the place where it should be installed. It must be brought closer to an exterior wall. Why? To facilitate the evacuation of fumes (burnt gases) through the wall and to allow a supply of fresh air for combustion. This mainly concerns airtight, suction cup devices.